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Allelys Heavy Haulage Ltd

Allelys diverse fleet of over 50 heavy haulage artic units and 100 specialised trailers and SPMT – self propelled modular trailers, coupled with our dedicated Transport Team ensures that we have the equipment and experience for every transport project.

Allelys Heavy Haulage specialise in the movement of all types of oversize loads, rolling stock and cargo transport from the 10ton tanker wagon, the 23m railway coach to the 140 ton mainline locomotive.

On most occasions we do not need to lift the rolling stock, as we use our method of ramping the rolling stock onto our trailers. If you require the item to be loaded by crane, we can arrange and organise a full contract lift our own appointed persons and lift supervisors

To ensure every project is completed to the highest standards our Permits Team prepare movement permits for every abnormal, heavy and Out Of Gauge (OOG) transportation project we undertake.

Our fleet of vehicles and our services includes:

  • Semi-Low Loaders (3-5 axles including extendable)
  • Beam Trailers
  • Trailers specially designed to carry all types of rolling stock
  • Wafer Decks
  • Goldhofer Multi-Axle Hydraulic Modular Trailer Systems
  • SPMTs – Self Propelled Modular Trailers
  • Pilot Cars for the safe and compliant abnormal load transportation
  • Route Surveys
  • Nationwide Coverage with Code of Practice (COP) Pilot Cars
  • Liaison with Police Escorts (as and where required)
  • Notifications Submitted
  • BE16 Special Order & VR1 Permits Managed

Contact the Heavy Haulage Team

01527 852 408 (option 2)