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Girder Frames

Allelys are consistently investing with the worldwide market leader in trailer design – German manufacturers Goldhofer.

Girder Frame Trailers are at the pinnacle of specialist Abnormal Load movement equipment, and it can take many years of experience to truly master this precision engineering art!

Girder Frame Trailers work by cradling a load within the frame, enabling it to be carried at the very lowest height physically possible whilst evenly distributing and spreading the weight of the load through the frame and down through the specified axle combinations in order to meet the required ground loadings.

Girder Frame Trailers are very often the only practical solution available in overcoming the challenges of height restricted bridges, load-sensitive structures, tunnels and other weight sensitive surfaces when moving extremely heavy and high loads such as Transformers, Generators, Turbines and other similarly large indivisible items upon public and private roads and within ports and power station sites.

It is absolutely essential that the correct capacity Girder Frame is used for each individual job, as using a frame that may be too big for the task can create additional challenges, risks and ultimately increase third party costs for the end client.

Allelys have a fleet of 3 of the UK’s most modern and technologically advanced Goldhofer Girder Frame Trailers that can be configured in both high and low beam transport arrangements. Each one is a different size, and each has a different maximum carrying capacity.

Allelys also has an extensive range of trailer beams, giving our team of in-house engineers the ability to specify the optimum sized trailer, beam length and axle combination in conjunction with Goldhofers latest trailer tracking software to perfectly match each individual load, route and scope of works.

Having the experience and innovative thinking coupled with the most modern and extensive fleet of Girder Frame Trailers available to the UK and European market enables Allelys to provide our customers with the safest and most cost effective solutions available for their individual project requirements.

Allelys current fleet includes:

  • 200t Maximum load capacity Girder Frame
  • 400t Maximum load capacity Girder Frame
  • 500t Maximum load capacity Girder Frame

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